Why Integrate Edge

Why Integrate Edge?


Seamless Setup and Integration

The platform uses open source technologies such as PHP, MySQL, Java and a combination of different tools. As it runs on Linux and uses Apache as the web server, instant performance and reliable setup are guaranteed. You can also effortlessly integrate with existing Microsoft SharePoint environment.

Quick and Effective Content Searching Capability

Integrate Edge puts the right information at your fingertips instantly using advanced search functionality. Search results also provide synonyms of the search query and attachments if any. Finding the right information is also a lot easier, as you can further filter the results by business units, type of content, and time of posting.


One-click for Sharing and Tracking Content

Different notification and messaging functionalities enable you to share and track content instantly through:

  • Periodic newsletters and e-mail alerts
  • Instant alerts when another user posts information
  • RSS feeds to keep track of all the information being posted on Integrate Edge

In situations where RSS feeds need to be posted to external audiences, you can easily disable the security and authentication requirements.

Comprehensive Content and Media Management

Integrate Edge comes with robust content and media management features that include user-friendly content classification and repository features and the ability to publish easily and quickly. It offers:

  • Automatic aggregation of content from multiple sources — RSS web feeds, file transfer protocol (FTP), e-mail, and the Web — filtering them further to determine relevance. This information is then reviewed by analysts and curated further, all done quickly before any content reaches you
  • Content categorization as per business units, report types, etc.
  • Quick glimpse of the attachments through previews that are generated for all types of documents including .doc(x), .xls(x), .ppt(x), .pdf and .txt.

Connect and Collaborate Better with Profile Features

To identify and connect better with other users, Integrate Edge allows each user to create a profile that carries key information such as skill sets, expertise, and current projects.
Furthermore, you can join user groups and share information only with a selected set of people. In return, other members of the group can view your activity in the feed and also comment on the content.

Multiple User Logins

You can provide access to multiple users in Integrate Edge. These logins are password-protected and access to features can be controlled in the back-end.
Administrators can categorize users as per profiles and control their functionality too. By integrating with third-party authentication services, administrators can enable common usernames and passwords through a single sign-on.


Insightful Statistics

It’s no use, if you just post content and forget about it later, right? That’s why, our platform offers statistics based on multiple parameters including page views, location, user, and browser type.

Highly Secure Setup

Although Integrate Edge manages multiple users and tons of information, it ensures that your information is highly secure and prevents unauthorized access.

  • SSL-enabled for encrypted communication
  • Password-protected and a detailed access control mechanism prevents unauthorized access
  • Easy integration with an existing SSO setup (such as Active Directory), which can make it more secure, as passwords are not saved

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