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Integrate Edge enters new realms
We are now a part of WNS – a leading global business process management solutions provider
Why Integrate Edge for pharma competitive intelligence?
From seamless setup to multiple user logins – we have got eight differentiators that set Integrate Edge apart
Analytics and business intelligence for the right insights
Operational agility, anytime-anywhere access, and increased security are just some of the features that make Integrate Edge a top performer
Analytics and business intelligence for the right insights
Why Integrate Edge for pharma competitive intelligence?

Competition Can Make You Future-ready

In the highly competitive world of pharma, brands are continuously challenged by constant market shifts, incessant onslaught of regulations and patent expirations. As a result, gaining business insights instantly and accurately is a fundamental necessity. To help you adapt to such dynamics, WNS offers Competitive Intelligence (CI) that is powered by cutting-edge technology and honed by biopharma analysts.

Integrate Edge is our cloud-based platform that offers comprehensive, pharma competitive intelligence and monitoring. Its business intelligence modules help you proactively identify competitive blind spots and make the right choices.

Why Integrate Edge ?

Customized Modules that Capture Comprehensive CI Information

Advanced Data Visualizations

Critical News Alerts

Event Module


We Decode Competitors to Ensure You Outperform, Always

Integrate Edge offers in-depth insights about competitors across the life cycle of drugs. From market assessment and competitive tracking to new product planning and custom reporting; we offer a wide range of services to make our pharma clients future-ready. Our key CI modules include:

Five Features That Make CI Simple, Fast, and Effective


Automated Functionality

With Integrate Edge, you can drastically decrease time and effort in monitoring competitor news. Our platform uses fully-automated, propreitary web crawlers to provide valuable competitive intelligence 24/7


Comprehensive Analysis of Multiple Sources

You are assured of accurate insights as Integrate Edge compiles results by analysing multiple sources of information such as published medical journals, sales data, regulatory agency websites, and competitor sites


Rich Features

With Integrate Edge, you get all the information that you need to take decisions, in a single platform. It provides valuable features such as usage summary, event modules, critical news alerts, stacked view of pipeline, and much more


Easy Access and Installation

You can easily access the platform like any other application – on tablets and smartphones. And you can also choose to host it on cloud or on-premise. It requires open source software infrastructure – Ubuntu Linux


Robust Security

Your company’s confidential information is safe with Integrate Edge. It uses SSL to ensure that all communication is encrypted and access to features requires user authentication. In addition, any suspected activity is immediately called out with automatic alerts that monitor logs of user activity


  • " My most limited resource is time. My most valuable asset is knowledge. Thanks to Integrate Edge I can absorb more knowledge in less time. Also the entire company is kept up-to-date with relevant, customized intelligence e-mail alerts on a daily basis. That’s a great return on investment "

    CI Head U.S.-based Specialty Pharmaco
  • "To be honest what I like most about Integrate is that your company has in-depth human analysts who curate the content on top of a very robust technology"

    Executive Director, Business Insights Top 5 Global Pharmacy

Analytics and business intelligence for the right insights