Integrate Edge goes beyond mere database integration to curate the aggregated data accurately and quickly. And that’s just one of its many advantages!


Gain Actionable Insights with Detailed Pharma CI

With Integrate Edge, you can completely automate news monitoring and collation through proprietary web crawlers. A ‘human layer’ of analysts curate the crawled content further and provide accurate, actionable insights that are highly relevant to your organization.


Save Costs with Software-as-a-Service Model

Avoid significant upfront investment with our software-as-a-service (SaaS) model — you pay only for the features that you need and use, and not a penny more. We also offer enterprise-wide licenses without a per user charge.


Optimize Work per Individual

You can save an estimated 1.5 hours of work per individual per week (60 hours of human effort per year per individual) through our platform. By automating data synthesis, your team can spend less effort on data analysis and more on activities that require cognitive thinking.


Extract Value from Old Data Easily

With Integrate Edge, no data is left behind – even historical data – because the platform is compatible with legacy systems such as Microsoft SharePoint, thus enabling easy access to historical data stored away in your organization’s repositories.


Gain Seamless Accessibility across All Devices

Fully compatible with all tablets and smartphones, Integrate Edge offers single sign-on from internal cloud hosting, making the user experience across devices a very seamless one.