Integrate Edge provides operational agility, anytime-anywhere access, and increased security like a pro. That’s because it is on the cloud — which means, it is also extremely easy to install and adopt.

Pharma Competitive Intelligence Made-to-Order

24/7 Customized News Intelligence

Curated by technology and experienced analysts

Automatic capture of news through proprietary crawlers from multiple public domains and proprietary databases


Detailed Competitive Landscapes

Enhanced by analytical insights and proprietary visualizations

  • Informative competitive landscapes to provide comprehensive analysis curated by expert analysts, who have a deep domain understanding of client businesses
  • Advanced visualizations that marketing teams can use to derive insights and structure early warning systems

Real-time Tracking of Multiple Pharma Events

Designed to help you plan the right way

Comprehensive event coverage captured in planners, pre-brief decks, and decks for post-event intelligence and event deep-dives


Analytics and Business Intelligence – That’s Done Right


Real-time Social Media Tracking and Analytics

Infused with unique insights to identify sentiments

  • Mining of patient and consumer comments on social media
  • Real-time tracking of sentiments for customized keywords
  • Automated analysis of unstructured data to identify performance drivers

Advanced Coverage of Competitor Messaging / Promotional Materials

Collated with diverse parameters to understand competition

  • Sizeable repository of competitor promotions / messaging
  • Close monitoring and deep understanding of competitor messaging, segmentation and positioning strategy

Insightful Investor Intelligence

Filtered details on investor finance, strategy and products

Collation of valuable investor news from multiple competitors


Instant E-mail Alerts / Notifications

Quick information on news and updates

Prompt e-mail alerts and notifications when new content is posted, or when someone shares or likes content

Robust Technology for Advanced Performance and Scalability

Open Source Technology

Reliable setup and performance using Linux and Apache


Enhanced Security

SSL-encryption ensures that communication is password-protected and a detailed access control mechanism prevents unauthorized access


Easy Collaboration through Microsoft SharePoint

Multiple options for integration with Microsoft SharePoint to drive easy integration